Rewind is a verb It can be used in different ways. The term may refer to the action of unwind a ribbon or a rope to pass from one reel to another , coiling in this second.

The concept was often used several years ago, when used cassettes to listen music and videocassettes to see films . Suppose a person who was listening to a cassette of Michael Jackson I wanted, after three songs, to listen to the first song again. For this, I had to rewind the tape: that is, have it return to the original reel in order to reproduce the first track again.

Something similar happened when they saw each other films in cassette. At the end of the film, it was necessary to rewind the tape to see it again. The same if you wanted to go back the projection.

All this changed from the development of the technology digital. With the music in CD and the movies in DVD , the cassettes were deprecated, as was the need to rewind this kind of tape.

In addition to all of the above, we must bear in mind that it has another meaning in a colloquial way. Specifically, when we talk about rewinding in that case we are referring to someone's going to remember something. Thus, for example, before a discussion in which an agreement is not reached, it can be said that one of the interlocutors said: "We are going to rewind and find out who is to blame for that situation."

It is also used to express that he would like to go back in time. A clear example of this use could be the following: “I would like to rewind and return to the moment in which I had to decide my professional future, because I would choose what has always fascinated me: medicine”.

In the context of electrical work, rewind consists of change the thread that is part of a bobbin for another thread . Rewinding, therefore, is necessary for the operation of certain engines.

There are motors that work with a coil that, isolated, allows to transmit the current . The winding consists of the installation of a coil by means of the use of a machinery, which allows to turn the coil, adjust the tension, etc. If you want to rewind the motor, it will be necessary to remove this coil and place a new one, which should be varnished.

To be able to carry out the rewind of an electric motor it is necessary to carry out several important steps, such as these:
-Remove the motor housing.
-Observe the current configuration of the device.
-Take the eyelash wire.
-Cut the coils to be able to get rid of what the armor itself is.
-Check the insulator.
-Rewind the mentioned armor to be able to achieve the identical appearance and structure of the original engine.
-Get the same type of winding and identical coils.
-Connect the end of said winding and the wire that is loose to what is the relevant tab.
- Check deeply that none of the connected wires can touch each other.
-To conclude, the housing must be replaced.